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  • Please cite our software in any publication for which you find it useful (by the way, you have to do it wrt terms of our BSD license).
  • Please inform other people who might be interested in our software about it, possibly via your blog, facebook, twitter. Many people don't use the software only because they don't know about its existence.
  • If you've got to know about our software from websites with ratings (like softpedia.com or mloss.org) then please rate our entries there.
  • Development of the project is intended to be continued but to keep it intensive OpenOpt requires new income(s) (because my participation in google Summer of Code 2007 and 2008 program has been (successfully) finished and I'm not a student any more).
Thus it would be very helpful for OpenOpt would you Donate, taking into account NASU junior researcher salary in Ukraine is less than 300$.
Alternatively you could sponsor one of our future plans entries and we could mention you and / or your company in our Changelog.
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