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NLopt is a nonlinear optimization library written in C by Steven G. Johnson and licensed in LGPL. Also, it has some solvers written by other authors and connected to the package, some of them were translated from Fortran by f2c.

Several of best NLopt solvers have been connected to our software and thus can be used to solve problems coded in OpenOpt (as Python functions) or FuncDesigner models with automatic differentiation. Maybe, some more will be added in future.

You can download nlopt source tarball from its home page (Windows users should download from this webpage).

Special installation instructions for Linux:

  • type ./configure --with-cxx --enable-shared --prefix=/usr
  • you can omit --prefix=/usr if you have no root rights, then ensure /usr/local/lib is included into your LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  • if you have no C++ compiler you can omit --with-cxx but some C++ written solvers (e.g. stogo) will be unavailable
  • you could use custom Python interpreter via ./configure PYTHON=python
  • type "make", "make install"

Currently the following NLopt solvers are connected to OpenOpt:

  • NLP - bobyqa, ptn, mma, auglag, slmvm1, slmvm2
  • GLP - stogo, isres, mlsl
  • NSP - sbplx
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