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Useful links


Pyomo (Python Optimization Modeling Objects package) - another one Python optimization framework, similar to AMPL, has some bindings to OpenOpt
PyAMG - Algebraic Multigrid (AMG) solvers (large-scale linear systems)
CVXOPT - optimization framework for convex problems, Python API, written in C/Python
NLPy - another one Python package for numerical optimization, can read optimization problems coded in the AMPL modeling language
coin-or - lots of free numerical optimization projects, mostly C/C++/Fortran written - Decision Tree for Optimization Software + lots of benchmarks (by Hans D. Mittelmann)
Global optimization portal by Arnold Neumaier,
has subsection for local optimization software

Scientific Python distributions:
(they include numpy, scipy, matplotlib and much more scientific packages)

SAGE (license: GPL)
PythonXY (license: GPL)
EPD (license: Free for academic)


Eric IDE - my favourite Python IDE, even in comparison with commercial ones (BTW it's available in Linux *BUNTU update channels)
Ironclad - an Open Source project started by Resolver Systems. Its aim is to make CPython C Extensions usable from IronPython (first of all numpy and scipy should be mentioned).
industrialengineertools - blog related to industrial engineer tools

See also:

Python tools for parallel calculations
pylab-works - Simulink equivalent for Python (for current date 2009-04-04 it is premature yet)
Using Python and/or OpenOpt with other languages
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