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Ukrainian HI-TECH Initiative


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Optimization department of cybernetics institute

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

  • Since 1983 till 2002 our department was headed by academician Naum_Z._Shor, currently it is headed by Petro I. Stetsyuk (Петро Іванович Стецюк).
  • Our mainstream research:
    • Sequential optimization algorithms
    • Nonlinear programming
    • Optimization of nonsmooth functions and suboptimal estimations for discrete and polynomial problems
    • Decomposition methods
    • Matrix optimization
    • Synthesis of networks (telecommunications, railways, roads, etc)
    • Development of theory and systems for causal analysis of ill-structured information for to obtaining suboptimal decisions
    • Foundations and principles of situational simulation
  • Currently most of our software is written in C/C++/Fortran (Python Packages and some soft for MATLAB/Octave (out of maintenance for now) has been written by Dmitrey)

See also: our Ukrainian language homepage (you can read it via google translate)

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