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Welcome to new OpenOpt home!

We focus on scientific/engineering software development using RAD abilities of Python language, accompanied with free scientific libraries such as NumPy and SciPy. Number of our website visitors had reached over 250 daily, that is ~7% of scipy.org visitors (see also statistics for some other websites).

You may be interested in our amazing software, alternative to commercial frameworks with obsolete and/or banausic programming constructs. It is completely free (license: BSD) and cross-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac etc) Python language modules. The software is published quarterly since 2007 and already has some essential applications. We expect it to become even more popular when NumPy will got full support in PyPy (with dynamic compilation).

  • OpenOpt framework - universal numerical optimization package with several own solvers (e.g. ralg) and connections to tens of other, graphical output of convergence and many other goodies
  • FuncDesigner - tool to rapidly build functions over variables/arrays and get their dense/sparse derivatives via automatic differentiation. Also, you can perform integration (with specifiable accuracy by interalg), interpolation, uncertainty analysis and interval analysis, eigenvalue analysis, solve systems of linear/nonlinear/ODE equations and numerical optimization problems coded in FuncDesigner by OpenOpt (see some examples in its doc)
  • DerApproximator - tool to get (or check user-supplied) derivatives via finite-difference approximation (updated works with PyPy)
  • SpaceFuncs - tool for 2D, 3D, N-dimensional geometric modeling with possibilities of parametrized calculations, numerical optimization and solving systems of geometrical equations
  • Improvements for handling nonlinear equality constraints by ralg
  • DAE (differential algebraic equations)

Previous poll results are here

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Latest events
  • New release: 0.5604
  • OpenOpt in Top-10 wikipedia most viewed optimization software
  • Sponsorship prices from 150$ for new OpenOpt features and enhancements
  • Pycel: Compiling Excel spreadsheets to Python
  • NumPy / SciPy for .NET & IronPython
  • interalg bench vs intsolver, Direct, commercial BARON

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Optimization department of cybernetics institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
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