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SpaceFuncs is a cross-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac etc) completely free Python language module (license: BSD) for 2D, 3D, N-dimensional space calculations with abilities of

  • parametrized modeling (using FuncDesigner)
  • performing numerical optimization and solving geometrical systems of equations (possibly parametrized), using FuncDesigner automatic differentiation, that yields more precise (and very often faster) results than finite-differences derivatives approximation, or interval analysis for interalg solver that searches solutions with specifiable accuracy
  • graphic output by matplotlib (you could easily involve any other Python graphic library like these ones for your purposes)

For examples and more info see SpaceFuncs documentation.

AttentionAttention! You should have FuncDesigner of same svn version number installed; also, to run SpaceFuncs with OpenOpt (solving and optimization) you should have OpenOpt of same svn version installed.

If you intend to use SpaceFuncs for a real mature problem but some required functionality is missing, we could consider implementing it.

Made by Dmitrey

Optimization department of cybernetics institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
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