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OpenOpt Framework
  • Free (license: BSD) cross-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac etc) software, written in modern high-stream Python language, alternative to commercial frameworks with obsolete and/or banausic programming constructs like AMPL, GAMS, LINGO, AIMMS, TOMOPT's TOMLAB / TOMNET (see for example TOMLAB users and prices)
  • Primary goals:
    • providing connections to lots of solvers, e.g. IPOPT, cplex, algencan, glpk, lpsolve, CVXOPT, PSwarm, nlopt, BOBYQA, lbfgsb (some are C- or Fortran-written) with easy and unified syntax
    • trying to enhance algorithms for numerical optimization invented by Ukrainian academicians Boris Pshenichniy and Naum Z. Shor
  • Organized as an ordinary Python module, thus you can easily stack it with NumPy arrays, SciPy sparse matrices and other Python functions and code
  • Graphical output, automatic derivatives check for user-supplied objFunc and constraints, user-defined callback functions and much more
  • Capable of handling FuncDesigner code with Automatic differentiation (possibly large-scale sparse) for gradient-based solvers and interval analysis for solver with guaranteed precision interalg (most of OpenOpt users after initial coding in pure Python move to FuncDesigner, that also allows connecting C/Fortran/General Python code to its functions)
  • Some native solvers (Python-written, well-known Python library NumPy is required), constrained and unconstrained, e.g.
New!AttentionNow interalg can find all solutions of nonlinear equation(s) and perform numerical integration with specifiable accuracy
Made by Dmitrey

See also:

  • DerApproximator - finite-differences derivatives approximation
  • SpaceFuncs - 2D, 3D, N-dimensional geometric modeling with possibilities of parametrized calculations, numerical optimization and solving systems of geometrical equations

Optimization department of cybernetics institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
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