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Linear Least Absolute Values Problems (LLAVP)

(aka LLADP - Linear Least Absolute Deviation Problem)

 \mathbf{\| C x - d \|_1} + \mathbf{\mu \| x - \widehat{x} \|_1 \rightarrow min}
subjected to
\mathbf{lb} \le \mathbf{x} \le \mathbf{ub}


  • damp factor  \mathbf{\mu} and value  \mathbf{\widehat{x}} are handled by OpenOpt as "damp" and upper-case "X" variables
  • If damp is provided (by user) but vector X is not, then X is filled by zeros.

OpenOpt LLAVP example >>>

LLAVP solvers

Solver License Made by Info
converter to NSP Dmitrey Example: r = p.solve('nlp:ralg', plot=1). Recommended solvers: ralg, ipopt (however, latter is declared for smooth problems only)

Future Plans: add converter to LP

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