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Dmitrey L. Kroshko

(Дмитро Крошко, Дмитрий Крошко)

junior researcher, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Cybernetics Institute (Інститут кібернетики НАН України), optimization department (відділ оптимізації)

Author and developer of

GSoC 2007, 2008 participant (with OpenOpt framework)

Soros Student (1998, Mathematics)

Winner of Ukrainian applied mathematics competition (1997) (+ lots of other minor awards)

Captain of UPML KNU (УФМЛ КНУ) math team in 1997

Articles (I have no English-translated ones):

  • "Some non-linear problems of network structure". Y.P. Laptin, D.L. Kroshko, journal "Theory of optimal solutions", 8/2009, p. 127-135
  • "On new Lagrangian dual bounds for stability number of a graph". P.I. Stetsyuk, P.M. Pardalos, D.L. Kroshko, journal "computer mathematics", 2006, p. 149-158
  • " Hierarchical algorithms for solving electro energetic systems State Estimation problem" / D.L. Kroshko, D.A. Novitsky, O.A. Soukhanov" // Electronic Modelling— 2007. — 29, N 1. — P. 85-96
  • 6 articles related to radioelectronics (2001-2003 years)

Programming experience:

  • ~5 years Python (including NumPy, SciPy)
  • ~3 years - solving optimization problems in MATLAB (+ I have MATLAB certificate)
  • ~1..1.5 years C/C++
  • ~8 months tcl/tk
  • Parallel computations in Python, MATLAB, C++
  • cvs, svn, (x)emacs, ssh/scp, a little bit of ocaml, fortran, fortress
  • Preferred OS: Linux KUBUNTU

Subscriber of the following newsgroups:
MATLAB (2004-2006), NumPy-discussion (2007-2009), SciPy-user (2007-2010), SciPy-dev (2007-now), Fortress language (2007-now)


please, kindly use Forum as much as possible prior to contacting me

  • dmitrey15 at ukr dot net
  • dmitrey.kroshko at scipy dot org
  • dmitrey-at-openopt-dot-org
  • skype: dmitrey15 (invisible)
  • cellular phone (in Ukraine): 096-205-10-06
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