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Some honorable applications

  1. Small Aerial Vehicle Trajectory Planning; University of California, Berkeley, & University of Waterloo (pdf)
  2. "The case for open source software in aeronautics". Sven Ziemer and Gernot Stenz, Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V., Munchen, Germany
  3. Modeling and optimization of condensers for low-temperature power cycles
  4. Buckling-optimized variable stiffness laminates for a composite fuselage window section; W.M. van den Brink, W.J. Vankan, R. Maas NLR, National Aerospace Laboratory
  5. Pycel: Compiling Excel spreadsheets to Python (it was developed to allow non-linear optimization of aircraft design) ,
  6. Target-Specific IPSC Kinetics Promote Temporal Processing in Auditory Parallel Pathways
  7. EOLDAS - Earth Observation Land Data Assimilation System
  8. PyRecSys - a python package of algorithms for recommender systems
  9. Manipulation in Clutter with Whole-Arm Tactile Sensing (pdf)
  10. One Thousand and One Clusters: Measuring the Bulk Flow with the Planck ESZ and X-Ray Selected Galaxy Cluster Catalogs (pdf)
  11. Optimisation of a transverse flux linear PM generator using 3D Finite Element Analysis (pdf)
  12. Compressed sensing (slides in Japanese)
  13. sagemath.org, SAGE - a viable free open source alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica and MATLAB
  14. pymvpa.org (Multivariate Pattern Analysis)
  15. Yandex
  16. Pyomo can cast its models to FuncDesigner
  17. PythonXY (www.pythonxy.com)
  18. Carnegie Mellon University started to teach students OpenOpt
  19. Linköpings Tekniska Högskola, Matematiska institutionen, Sweden, uses OpenOpt in Optimering för ingenjörer course
  20. Northwestern polytechnical university, China, uses OpenOpt for nonliner optimization study
  21. Constrained versions of the Markowitz portfolio optimization paradigm
  22. Моделирование дифракционных картин дефектных и наноразмерных порошковых материалов
  23. Structural comparison and validation of the genome scale metabolic models for Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Department of Computer Science, Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK
  24. holopy - A package for analyzing digital holograms
  25. metano - analyzing the capabilities of metabolic networks and for assisting in metabolic reconstruction
  26. GENS, Gene-Environment iNteraction Simulator for complex diseases where gene-environment interactions determine the disease risk
  27. simplemax.net online services
  28. enthought.com repository and educational courses . The Enthought guys are very smart! - they ignored to answer my email with proposition of collaboration but involved my soft without even notification to me.
  29. Measuring Inconsistency in Probabilistic Knowledge Bases; Technische Universitat Dortmund, Germany (pdf)
  30. Bayesian Inference Package (probabilistic calculations), Gulbenkian Institute of Science in Portugal
  31. IdentiPy, parameter optimization and inverse problems for materials computation
  32. Multiple-Shooting Optimization using the JModelica.org Platform; Lund University, Sweden (pdf)
  33. Dr.-Ing. Nils Wagner, institute of mechanics, Stuttgart, Germany, eigenvalue problems
  34. pyEDA - a python framework for several EDA (Electronic Design Automation) applications
  35. Crystalline nano-magnetism, Institute of Physics, Far-Eastern National University
  36. Determine optimal gut structures for herbivores, University of Birmingham
  37. Spacecookes, MSc. Candidate in the School of Interactive Arts + Technology (www.siat.sfu.ca) at Simon Fraser University, Canada, using OpenOpt to simulate the motion of rigid bodies
  38. Quflow, a hardware-software systems engineering consulting business, Dalby, Sweden
  39. Optimized Si/SiO2 high contrast grating mirror design for mid-infrared wavelength range: robustness enhancement
  40. Robust design of subwavelength grating mirror for mid-infrared VCSEL application (pdf)
  41. Robust design of Si/Si3 N4 high contrast grating mirror for mid-infrared VCSEL application (pdf)
  42. Harvard University, fitting holograms (solving inverse light scattering problems)
  43. Pusat Pengembangan Kawasan Pesisir dan Laut, intitute teknologi banding
  44. MR relaxometry of silicone breast implants at 3.0T (pdf)
  45. Searching for transcription factor binding sites in vector spaces (pdf)
  46. Extraordinarily complex crystal structure with mesoscopic patterning in barium at high pressure (pdf)
  47. Optimal design of complex energy facilities (Ukraine, pdf, no English translation is available)
  48. Parameter estimation of history-dependent leaky integrate-and-fire neurons using maximum-likelihood methods
  49. Shape optimization of plate piezoelectric transducers
  • Know something else to add? You could inform us.
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